Core Resonance in Client Services

Presented by Dr Galen Loven

Manifesting Through Authenticity


Core Resonance in Client Services

A workshop/seminar series for alternative health care, holistic and spiritual



Professionals in the fields of health, healing, spirit and light are often torn between their calling to provide themselves and the services they offer and the requirement to earn a respectable income from doing so. Questions such as ; How can I turn my passion into a career? Is it right for me to ask for money in exchange for my service? What am I worth? How do I get this idea off the ground? or How do I take this college or company to the next level where it is not totally dependant on me? Prevent many from stepping forward to reveal their truth. Many might cringe at the idea of creating a business plan, yet in order for this higher vibration to ripple throughout communities around the planet people who are aware that they work with energy need to step forward and shine.

In addition to years of business ownership, Dr. Galen Loven has coached and consulted for owners and executives of companies and NGOs of all sizes and industries.  True to his inner self, he has now been called to offer his skills and experience to lift the vibrational intensity and expression of those who are called to serve others in love and light.

Intrinsic to these intimate, limited attendance workshops is the energetic exchange generated between the participants and their higher selves/guides.  In addition to the tangible increase in group vibration, each person in attendance is given heightened access to his/her personal higher energy levels. 

During the course of the event each person is provided with their personal energetic keys facillitating his/her emergence in personal truth.

So important is this opening to higher energetic fields, so intrinsic to the process of information exchange, that Dr Loven presents each series with an unconditional guarantee.



If you do not FEEL that you received value for your time and money invested, your full registration fee will be refunded without hesitation at the end of program.

These series are not about the presenter, they are not a fixed menu, and they are not entertainment.  They are content rich, highly energetic exchange forums which catalyze the transformation and evolution of the participant. You will be provided with the tools to profit  the world by manifesting truth within your heart. As the receiver of this information we ask that you be prepared to be honest with yourself, open to yourself and prepared to make a change.


Dr. Galen Dean Loven has accumulated 60 years of experiences arriving at this point. He brings a unique blend of business, spiritual and psychic skills and a profound soul awareness to his teaching.

Through painful trial and error he has found his own keys, and has come to understand what it is that he must do to complete this life’s contract. He offers you the gift of finding your own with far less of the trials and the errors.

Dr Galen Loven is a man who comes straight from the heart. He understands that his work and the messages he offers are not from nor about himself.  They are always about and for the person he holds his focus on.